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The woodlands at Lochdochart total 440 Hectares (1100 Acres) and comprise Commercial Forest producing Certified top quality Timber, Woodlands providing shelter for livestock and environment for a variety of species, Peregrine Falcons, Ospreys, Kingfishers,Otters and Red Squirrels There are also the remnants of origional woodland at "The Old Wood of Liaragan", which has been enclosed to allow natural regeneration. The woods adjacent to Lochdochart House were, originally laid out as a Georgian Designed landscape in 1825. These were over mature and had to be felled in 1932. Subsequently replanted and extended, so that the ages of the various compartments ranges from 1933 to 2012 and includes a variety of trees, both coniferous and broadleaved. In recent years over 100 Hectares have been restocked after being clearfelled to produce timber for house building, pallets and paper. We have welcomed many groups of visitors, from different countries, to see our woodlands.